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Itzhak Assaraf, Chief Technology Officer, 1touch.ioItzhak Assaraf, Chief Technology Officer
Even after implementing a robust security tool, no organization can claim that its data is 100 percent secure. A breach can always occur, either due to a human error or via a loophole a hacker finds in an enterprise’s security system. During an attack, the question that plagues most organizations is which database they should prioritize on securing. The situation becomes more complicated when there are multiple directories with sensitive information and a company’s security system can immediately secure only a few of them. At such times, organizations often lose valuable time deciding what to protect first.

This is where 1touch.io makes a world of difference. This U.S.-headquartered and Israeli-based technology company ensures automated, real time discovery, mapping, and tracking of personal data flow. The company has designed an AI based sustainable data discovery and management platform, Inventa, to ensure the privacy, security, and governance of data. “Our target market is large distributed, hybrid customers that hold petabytes of information in different structures and forms in different locations on-prem and cloud. Our solution has the ability to deliver a very accurate master catalog of sensitive data usage,” mentions Itzhak Assraf, CTO of 1touch. “Our goal is to allow businesses to manage data security to complement their infrastructure-based security programs.”

1touch.io believes that a company has to know its data to properly manage and implement data governance and vulnerability management. “Different departments of a company, like sales and marketing, have the right BI analytics tools to make the right decisions based on real data and facts.
However, the security teams often lack the necessary knowledge about the assets they are supposed to protect,” Assraf continues. “Our solution helps clients understand data from a business point of view and make more accurate decisions.”

Inventa is a fully automated solution that covers data in any format, be it structured or unstructured, data in motion or data at rest, both known or unknown. It covers all aspects of data processing in one place and aggregates that into a master catalog containing all the customers’ or employee’s information. Inventa also adds business context to the data by categorizing the asset information according to its importance in the business. Furthermore, 1touch’s solution can link customer information to their relevant business data asset. For example, to create the data asset ‘Insurance Customers in Europe’ for a car insurance company, the system will build a virtual inventory that links car insurance customers in Europe to the specified directory. Additionally, Inventa equips users with the ability to define a policy on the data asset level. They can specify the conditions under which the solution will add information/record to the asset. For example, an insurance company can designate only the individual records in the ‘Insurance Customers in Europe’ directory that comply with GDPR. “We focus on personal data, create a unique, identifiable record of an individual, and link everything to that,” Assraf adds.

Our solution helps clients understand data from a business point of view and make more accurate decisions

With an aim to gain a more diverse group of clients from multiple sectors, 1touch has decided to expand its ecosystem by integrating with different platforms, catalog vendors, data protection, and other data governance vendors. In addition, the company also plans to integrate with solutions like Rapid7 to provide clients with an intuitive way of prioritizing and deciding on the sensitive data vulnerabilities in their organization. Moreover, the organization recently partnered with IBM Security to create the IBM Discover and Classify solution. Through this partnership way, 1touch ensures that IBM customers can easily segregate and prioritize securing their essential investments and quickly recover from any cyber threat, further improving their business performance.

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Itzhak Assaraf, Chief Technology Officer

1touch’s flagship product, Inventa, is the only end-to-end sensitive data discovery and classification platform that aids decision-makers by enriching business context to their security, compliance and governance modules so that they can easily prioritize and take the right actions to protect their data assets.