Top 10 Vulnerability Management Solution Companies - 2017

Accend Networks: Securing Businesses

CIO VendorPaula Wong, CEO
The seeds of foundation for Accend Networks were laid nearly two decades ago, with the concept of providing consulting on a smaller scale. In due course, through networking and some mentorship, the company has grown to be a full scale IT Network Consultant specializing in network security, security assessment, network design for Data, Voice, and Wireless network infrastructure for start-ups, businesses and public and government entities such as K-12, higher education, and state agencies. Accend Networks, with its highly trained and certified staff, skilled in the latest security technology offers customized network assessment and helps customers determine the best solutions that defend their networks.

Molded with a vision of bringing the latest technology solutions to the customers at their doorstep, the firm’s Security Vulnerability testing assist clients to mitigate any security risks from hackers and researchers. “In a nutshell, we can assess our customer’s networks internally and externally using security scanners and offer customized network configuration reviews against configuration best practices for security deployments and as part of the network assessment,” remarks Paula Wong, CEO, Accend Networks. “Our strong and solid background in IT allows us to review and provide best practice recommendations for our customer’s environment.”

As a vindication of such expertise, Accend Networks helped a non-profit organization implement an end-to-end security strategy. Since the client never had done an audit before, Accend scanned their networks and provided remediation paths for the findings. “They also planned to utilize our service for re-scanning and to get assistance with the remediation for some of these findings,” avers Wong.

In additional to network assessment, the company provides configuration reviews as security auditors and look for any vulnerability in the network design and configurations themselves. Accend Networks also recommend patch management as part of the audit and can provide 24x7 network monitoring.

Our strong and solid background in IT allows us to review and provide best practice recommendations for our customer's environment

“Our 24x7 network monitoring is out-of-band and is external to our customer’s networks. That way, network connections are not dependent on the customer’s environment,” remarks Wong.

Accend Network designs and installs network components including routers, cables, switches and servers, Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks, and setting up workstations. “We also recommend patch management as part of the audit and can provide 24x7 networks monitoring,” evinces Wong.

According to Wong, a lot of legacy security technologies being out-dated through vendor’s end-of-support and end-of-life and/or the technologies themselves break down, leading to a vulnerable IT scenario. In the pursuit to ensconce enterprises with their vulnerability issues, Accend Networks makes recommendations on good replacement solutions for their customers with vendor agnostic approach.

Being a Value Added Reseller and partner with tech giants such as Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, and Sophos, Accend Networks also assists customers with hardware and software procurement with these organizations. “We assisted a retail company in mitigating their network attacks against a Ransonware by deploying Cisco FirePOWER and tightening their network firewall,” says Wong.

To reach the pinnacle of excellence, Accend Networks is setting up right methodologies and framework in place to make their products as secure as possible for the future. In this light, the company offers more services such as VoIP, Wireless, and Data Center, and is growing vividly in the public sector with customers in K-12, local and state level. “We are expanding our technology services throughout Northern California and have completed instrumental projects in Southern California and with several customers nationally,” ecstatics Wong.