Top 10 Vulnerability Management Solution Companies - 2017

Alias Forensics: Fuelling Secure IT Infrastructures

In the current epoch where organizations of any kind rely heavily on the safety and protection of their critical data for an uninterrupted functioning, Alias Forensics, a digital forensic and information security company, caters to this specific need by offering incidence response, vulnerability management, security consulting and more. Being a company that thinks like hackers do, Alias Forensics is far ahead in building defense techniques to protect paramount data from contemporary scams and vulnerabilities. “We protect any enterprises’ IT environment from security breaches, by letting them know how they are exposed, the information we found about vulnerabilities and suggesting necessary action to protect it,” says Donovan Farrow, Founder and CEO Alias Forensics.

To assist enterprises in precisely figuring out security issues like whether they are running commands and controls that result in vulnerabilities, are they being hacked, compromised, or had data exfiltrated, Alias Forensics offers advanced vulnerability assessment solutions. It includes an array of security workflows featuring in-depth log and network behavior analysis, data access audit, vulnerability scan, and memory scan. To better secure IT environments as a precaution to cyber-attacks, the company provides penetration testing services to test enterprise software frameworks against the most sophisticated attacks. The results of vulnerability assessments as well as penetration testing are presented in full reports for enterprise management to fully understand and take necessary action.

The firm’s full time security engineers assure safe enterprise networks with round the clock monitoring services. To further enhance monitoring services, Alias Forensics developed BlackBox— an affordable, robust and flexible network protection device, built on real world experiences. The device technology paired with real-time threat reporting protect businesses from critical data loss, identity theft and virus outbreaks. BlackBox’s intelligent, rich signatures of known vulnerabilities and data breach behaviors eliminate multitude of security issues from being executed. The solution’s IP blacklisting helps in real-time anti-virus and anti-malware protection with instant updates of any malicious activities. The entire monitoring system is further supplemented with an array of security solutions including intrusion prevention, log/alert monitoring, and incident response and remediation.

We protect any enterprises’ IT environment from security breaches, by letting them know how they are exposed, the information we found about vulnerabilities and suggesting necessary action to protect it

Furthermore, Alias Forensics provides consulting program which include corporate security checks to determine, in prior, any active security risk or vulnerability inside corporate environments. The security consultant services offered by the company spans across many different security platforms like Cisco ASA, TripWire, McAfee, Symantec Enterprise etc, helping enterprises with suggesting best practices in configuring, installing supporting and troubleshooting. Contrasting this scenario, the firm’s truly tested Incident Response Team (IRT) can be engaged immediately in wake of emergency situations where organizations face malware outbreaks, website defacement, botnet activities, blacklisted from the Internet, SPAM attack, a SQL injection or currently being DDoS. Alias Forensics’ IRT can further assist in collecting forensic data from incidents, engage proper authorities and bring attackers to justice. Further, the company also provides incident response planning services for corporate environments.

Over the past years, Alias Forensics has served the security landscape with their cutting-edge technology solutions to help enterprises defend themselves from hackers that unlawfully wreak havoc on IT infrastructures. This is clearly evident from their company mission that says ‘we exist so that companies can continue to grow organically and thrive without interruptions’.