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Aaron Rausche, Managing Partner, Birch Cline TechnologiesAaron Rausche, Managing Partner
The internet has become the hackers’ favorite playground as cyber threats run rampant on a daily basis. The issue at hand is aggravated by the sheer number of vulnerabilities that keep increasing each passing day. To add insult to injury, the growing bulk of open source applications enable cyber attackers to exploit more vulnerabilities making it challenging to thwart attacks with traditional out-of-the-box cybersecurity solutions. Acknowledging the gravity of the situation, most businesses seek assistance in understanding and differentiating between the solutions and what they require to protect their organization. As opposed to the plethora of security solutions that vendors push in the market, Texas-based Birch Cline Technologies listens to its customers, understands their business requirements, and provides cybersecurity solutions and services to meet those needs.

For Birch Cline, the most appropriate way to meet their customer’s security requirements is to work with them to understand their biggest challenges and find the smartest solutions to help them be successful and secure. “Our focus isn’t based on any one solution or service,” says Aaron Rausche, Managing Partner of Birch Cline Technologies. “Our focus is smart decisions, helping organizations make them and helping people succeed.”

Birch Cline’s main objective is to understand their client’s business and help them implement effective security in a smart and simple way. They use a 3-step approach of, “posture, practice, and protection”. They work closely with an organization to help them understand their existing security ‘posture’ using a specialized risk intelligence framework. Then ‘practice’, which includes identifying policy and processes as well as regulatory compliance requirements. Once they’ve outlined a holistic security plan, Birch Cline uses the next step, ‘protection’ to ensure that the most efficient, cost-effective solutions are in place to secure the organization and its critical resources. Birch Cline makes the process simple with a focus on helping the customers succeed with security. “We’re helping people make decisions that can have an impact on their careers and their lives, which is why we say—‘helping you protect what matters’—because we’re helping people protect their jobs and their livelihood,” says Randy Guin, Managing Partner of Birch Cline Technologies.

We say—‘helping you protect what matters’—because we’re helping people protect their jobs and their livelihood, that trust is more than just business

“People trust Birch Cline, and that trust is more than just business.”

Among the catalog of services Birch Cline offers is a managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution called “Threat. Events”. The solution has integrated threat intelligence that correlates attack indicators threatening networks around the world with customer data to identify danger signals across a customer network in near real time. Birch Cline describes “Threat.Events” as a “Threat Intelligence Framework that goes beyond a SIEM”. By removing the need for infrastructure and providing the option to incrementally add log sources over time, Birch Cline customers realize significant savings compared with other SIEM providers.
Randy Guin, Managing Partner

The strategic focus of Birch Cline is improving services and enhancing offerings to better secure government, mid-size and enterprise-level organizations. As a compliment to Birch Cline’s Threat.Events solution, the team’s SOC as a service offering is an ongoing point of focus with long term efforts that include managing, monitoring, and securing emerging risks of technologies like IoT and 5G. But overall, they’ll continue to focus on helping people succeed with smart solutions and effective managed services. “We will continue to expand our capabilities, build innovative solutions, and separate ourselves as a leading provider of managed SIEM, SOC, and threat intelligence services,” says Rausche.
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Birch Cline Technologies

Birch Cline Technologies

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Aaron Rausche, Managing Partner and Randy Guin, Managing Partner

Birch Cline provides smart solutions and cost-effective services to secure technology and sensitive data