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Ken Prole, CSSLP and Chief Technology Officer, Code DxKen Prole, CSSLP and Chief Technology Officer
In today’s hyper-connected world, organizations are focusing more on multiple tools and technologies to meet their clients’ requirements effectively and efficiently. On top of that, programmers are frequently involved in DevOps process to reduce the time to market and maintain agility over software development life cycle. With the routine deployment of technologies and software updates, their security team fails to analyze the software program before being deployed into the production, which further keeps both the firm and consumer’s confidential data are at risk. Additionally, transparency and openness in the distributed operating environments further enhance the gap concerned with security-related aspects. In order to attain sustainability in the operating conditions, Code Dx, a computer and network security organization, came up with unique offerings that combat issues related to vulnerability management.

Code Dx brings to the table a plethora of security solutions that help enterprises to “automate and accelerate” the process involved in threat discovery, prioritize them as per risks involved, and manage software vulnerabilities. The solution stack from Code Dx consists of numerous product offerings, bundled and supported testing tools and plugins. Its unique, powerful, innovative dashboard is one of its flagships component that provides a broader overview of AppSec testing processes and multiple evaluation tools in one place. This will facilitate companies to select the best-fit product on the basis of their organizational requirements. The key advantage of an innovative dashboard is its uniqueness in representing the user’s metrics and information about their testing activities.

In reality, deployment of numerous vulnerability testing tools yields a stack of scan results over time, which gives rise to a drawback of analyzing thousands of vulnerabilities—that is time-consuming, and error-prone.
Code Dx comprehensive application security testing product offering overcome these challenges by shortlisting the vulnerable areas without duplicates. Also, it brings down the false positive rate within the system. Additionally, the output achieved from this process also represents the most repetitive vulnerabilities and organizes them on the basis of severity, which in-turn facilitates software analysts to reduce test time and to fall behind the schedule. Its inbuilt code-pulse, open source penetration, and visualization tool transform an organization’s black-box testing into glass-box—where it provides a holistic view of how penetration testing interacts in detecting vulnerabilities in real-time. It also helps to determine exactly what parts of your code are covered and aren’t.

Furthermore, adding new products to their product stack, Code Dx released an upgraded powerful dashboard version 3.5—comprises of a comprehensive metric visualization. It empowers AppSec professionals to capture critical information about their application testing activities. In comparison to the legacy dashboard, the upgraded version integrates MISRA (Motor Industry Software Reliability Association) compliance to maintain regulatory and industry standards.

Apart from product offerings, the unique feature that differentiates Code Dx from its competitors is their novel platform, which dynamically integrates and correlates the output captured from numerous tools. It provides additional flexibility to support commercial tools such as SAST, IAST, and DAST and can be easily integrated with a simplified development environment which further helps to fix the issues and streamline their operational process quickly. Another aspect leading Code Dx forward is their vast amount of software development experience.

Envisioning the future, Code Dx is looking forward to analyzing the changing requirements of the industry by upgrading their solution offerings effectively in real-time. The organization is currently looking into AI and machine learning algorithms as a means for digitizing and automating their triage process. This will minimize the overall input parameters required for analysis; even there is an increase in the number of potential vulnerabilities that are discovered. “We partnered with leading cybersecurity visualization experts to conduct research and bridge the gap that exists on what information AppSec practitioners need to see and how that data should be shown,” concludes Ken Prole, CSSLP, Chief Technology Officer at Code Dx.
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Code Dx

Northport, NY

Ken Prole, CSSLP and Chief Technology Officer

Offers an application security solution to facilitate developers and security professionals to make their software as secure as possible

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Code Dx Enterprise Now Offers Innovative New Dashboard Providing Complete AppSec Visualization

Northport, N.Y. - Code Dx, Inc., provider of an award-winning application security solution that automates and accelerates the discovery, prioritization, and management of software vulnerabilities, today announced the newest version of its flagship product Code Dx Enterprise. Code Dx 3.5 now offers a powerful new dashboard with comprehensive metric visualization, providing AppSec professionals with critical information about all of their application testing activities—all in one place, to provide a quick understanding of their application’s security status.

“We partnered with leading cybersecurity visualization experts to conduct research to determine what information AppSec practitioners really need to see and how that data should be shown,” said Ken Prole, CSSLP, chief technology officer at . “Now, users of Code Dx Enterprise have a complete dashboard that guides them through the entire AppSec testing process, presenting all the information from multiple testing tools in one place and in a way that makes sense to them.”

The innovative new dashboard uniquely shows users metrics and information about all of their testing activities, not just reports from single tools. They can explore this data interactively to determine which tools are working well for their AppSec program, and identify security and vulnerability trends.

In addition to the new dashboard, Code Dx version 3.5 also offers two-way Jira integration and MISRA (Motor Industry Software Reliability Association) compliance. Code Dx is committed to working with the most important regulatory and industry standards. By adding MISRA compliance mapping, organizations can now ensure that their code complies with this critical standard.