Crimson IT: Bolstering Security Posture and Resilience

Anzor Zurhaev, CEO, Crimson ITAnzor Zurhaev, CEO
Enterprise security has been a never-ending battle between cybercriminals and the IT administrators, where one tries to find the loopholes and another strives to seal them. As cybercriminals have become more erudite and insidious, even well-fortified networks are breached swiftly and ingeniously. As conventional managed IT systems in use prove to be inadequate, securing an organization’s valuable assets and business information has become a great challenge. Besides, typical security systems such as antivirus and patch management are just basic essentials that give around 85 percent protection; if an organization wishes to go beyond that mark, then they need to deploy additional robust security systems.

One company advancing considerably in the cybersecurity landscape by empowering customers with a powerful suite of security products is California-based Crimson IT. Being at the forefront of offering managed IT services as well as managed security services, the Crimson IT team is dedicated to cyber and network security.

“Cybersecurity is a layered approach involving people, process, and technology. No one tool or process can completely secure the environment,” says Anzor Zurhaev, CEO of Crimson IT. “It truly starts with human capital, as human factor remains the weakest security link in cyber protection.” A study by Frost & Sullivan reveals that 91 percent of cyber attacks start with a phishing mail and a lack of training in both people and process, which results in loss of trust, putting organizations at risk. Crimson IT educates clients with effective security awareness training programs that help them to be up-to-date on cybersecurity standards and equips them with best practices to keep their data safe and secure.

To protect software applications that run on the endpoint devices, Crimson IT uses advanced host protection systems that are often used by giant players like Google.

Our ultimate objective is to satisfy the technical parameters of the job and to ensure better experience so that customers are happy and secure

The host protection system is integrated with log aggregation services that analyze the threat and notifies administrators immediately if there are any abnormal events.

Crimson IT’s services portfolio also includes an appliance that is deployed on the client premises to scan the threats and vulnerabilities in real time. It is integrated with an AI tool to detect anomalies and create a baseline of the normal operating environment. Apart from this, Crimson IT also runs vulnerability scans every quarter to identify potential weaknesses in a company’s networks and systems. They use various tools to carry out assessments and identify weak spots and prioritize them according to the level of severity. Subsequently, a report is generated pointing out the areas that need to be protected.

It is interesting to know that a major reason for security breaches is the fact that users use the same ID and password on multiple sites. “We eliminate the password fatigue and security lapses using a password manager system that is specifically geared to manage a user’s personal details securely. Many of our customers have stopped memorizing the passwords altogether because the password manager does the job for them,” explains Anzor. Crimson IT also uses a real-time dark web monitoring system, and anytime a user’s password is hacked or stolen, the company’s administrator gets a notification to initiate the necessary action.

Leveraging powerful security tools coupled with the highest quality of care and services, Crimson IT has assisted many organizations to evaluate, improve, and maintain security standards. Importantly, the company has been successful in striking an optimal balance between high-level security and productivity. “Our ultimate objective is to satisfy the technical parameters of the job and to ensure better experience so that our customers are happy and secure,” concludes Anzor.
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Anzor Zurhaev, CEO

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