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Larry Hurtado, President and CEO, Digital DefenseLarry Hurtado, President and CEO
Nowadays, organizations are misguided about their exposure to vulnerabilities and are in danger of being prone to data breaches. The automated vulnerability management (VM) techniques, which play a crucial role in evaluating network security risk information, fail due to serious hidden flaws. Conventional security solutions and service providers in similar areas fall short of capturing the critical metrics interleaved within the core technology of the company—which results in inaccurate information, reduced accuracy, and high-risk posture in their operating environment. Also, most of the VM solutions are ill-equipped to tackle “network-churn,” which is a key challenge for firms to track precisely and safeguard their assets in their supply chain. To overcome these drawbacks, Digital Defense steps-in with cutting-edge vulnerability management solutions that offer industries an innovative and secure technology to protect their sensitive data efficiently and cost-effectively.

Since 1999, Digital Defense is playing a significant role in providing the most comprehensive, easy to use, and accurate VM system to the organizations. With an expert vulnerability research team leading from the front, the company is recognized as one of the trusted solution providers for security risk assessments. “We are primarily focussed to help turn the tide of cybercriminal activities in favor of blue teamers,” says Larry Hurtado, President & CEO at Digital Defense. Furthermore, the core offerings from the company comprise of a suite of Frontline based subscription and cloud platform, and network security technologies.

Frontline Vulnerability Manager TM offering from Digital Defense changes the game of security analysis by revealing areas that are highly prone to threats. Powered by unique patented technology, it enables security professionals to precisely identify hidden vulnerability patterns—either on-premises, cloud, or hybrid network based implementations— and address them while meeting security compliance requirements.

We are primarily focussed to help turn the tide of cybercriminal activities in favor of blue teamers

Frontline Web Application Scanning TM, a SAAS based offering is housed with AWS to capture highest-level of dynamic web application testing results. Frontline Active Threat Sweep in-depth coverage aid IT organizations to quickly determine the infected areas, uncovered gaps, and organize them by risk and remediation efforts. These entire offerings are backed with a rich-expertise security research team to deliver unparalleled experience from deep, accurate cloud-based networks to all the way of intelligent integration with client’s base.

Along with vulnerability management, Digital Defense continues to invest in risk assessment tools to provide fast, accurate, and scalable network security technologies. The Frontline Reconnaissance Network Appliance (RNA) from the company is a preconfigured network-based device used to perform online security assessments without the requirement of on-site staff. DDI-NIRV, a technology core of RNA, is used to calibrate the plugin sets and evaluates them in real-time to capture accurate and complete scanning data. DDI-VRT offers efficient vulnerability management and best practice consultative service. DDI-DNA eliminates the network drift in Frontline VM and matches the host identification artifacts associated with a specific endpoint, over time. Additionally, social testing tools help to educate their employees over working practices, which helps them to mitigate the cases of getting involved in vulnerability related activities such as phishing calls, targeted emails, and so on. The entire offerings are user-friendly and can be easily integrated into the client base as per their user needs, preferences, and resources.

With its wide range of vulnerability service offerings along with educating employees over the security intelligence and best practices, Digital Defense is presently leading the security management landscape. In the future, the organization is looking forward to collaborating with more and more clients by deploying its security platform over its database—ensuring both customers and community with optimal security to defend against cybercrimes.
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Digital Defense

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Larry Hurtado, President and CEO

Delivers unique patented technology that enables security professionals to precisely identify the hidden vulnerability patterns