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Raffi Erganian, CTO, FurtimRaffi Erganian, CTO
Vulnerability management is a critical priority for organizations, while security breaches and cyber attacks continue to make headlines, not enough qualified security professional exist to perform the quality security assessments that organizations need and the industry demands.“In today’s market, the fragmented nature and offerings from vulnerability management solutions, managed security service providers, consulting organizations, and varying off-the-shelf tools make it extremely difficult for stakeholders to find a qualified solution to understand their organization’s cybersecurity posture.” remarks Raffi Erganian, co-founder and CTO of Furtim.

Quantifying cyber risks through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), Furtim, a Los Angeles-based firm, offers a cybersecurity service that implements decades of experience in performing offensive red teaming, penetration testing, and vulnerability assessments into a robust and fault-tolerant security testing orchestration platform. Albert Valerio, co-founder and CEO of Furtim, says, “We built a platform that uses AI and ML to replicate what human intelligence would do if they were tasked with the same job.”

Furtim’s security assessment service replaces off-the-shelf vulnerability management solutions and third-party assessment providers (consultancies). Algorithms implement assessment methodologies that leverage key principles of industry-leading frameworks and real-world experience gained over 20 years of security testing while dynamic orchestration workflows ensure best practices are used at every stage of the engagement.

“The platform is a living and breathing machine capable of providing a solution that is unparalleled in methodology, consistency, accuracy, and reporting quality,” remarks Raffi. Furtim employs a number of proprietary and custom-built scanning modules in addition to a catalog of well-known industry standard open source and commercial assessment tools.

We have built a cybersecurity platform that uses AI and ML to replicate what human intelligence would do if they were tasked with the same job

Artificial intelligence applied to security testing allows for comprehensive coverage at reduced costs compared to traditional security consulting and vulnerability management solutions.

Emphasizing the utility of their platform, Joe Luna, co-founder and COO of Furtim, details an instance where one of the company’s clients required a penetration test as part of a vendor risk assessment process. “A client undergoing a partner vendor risk assessment required a penetration test of their headquarters, satellite offices, and datacenter. With a condensed timeline for delivery, Furtim shipped multiple appliances and began testing within 48 hours. Utilizing Furtim’s platform, the assessment completed within days of the initial request and Furtim delivered executive and technical reports to satisfy the client’s compliance requirements.”

At the end of every assessment, the company delivers comprehensive technical and executive reports to analyze and improve the security posture of an organization. “Ultimately, when everyone is gone, the stakeholder is left with a report detailing the cybersecurity posture of their environment. That report better provide the stakeholder with the actionable information they need to secure their organization” states Joe.

As a managed security service provider (MSSP), Furtim partners with organizations that want to offer internal and external vulnerability scanning and penetration testing services to their clients without the traditional obstacles of managing a professional services consulting pipeline. The private-label service immediately expands an organizations service portfolio with increased margins, zero overhead, and is delivered under the partners brand.

The founders of Furtim have been in the business of performing security assessments for decades. The platform is built to accommodate the pain points collectively identified in the security assessment market; between cost, quality, delivery, and execution, the service is designed to deliver more comprehensive and cost-effective solution than other products and services on the market.
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Los Angeles, CA

Raffi Erganian, CTO and Albert Valerio, CEO, Joe Luna, COO

Furtim is a provider of security assessment services delivering vulnerability assessments and penetration testing for clients and partners utilizing a private-label capable, purposebuilt platform superior to traditional security consulting and commercial tools