Top 10 Vulnerability Management Solution Companies - 2018

Reveelium Inc: Behavioral Analysis for Proactive Cybersecurity

CIO VendorDavid Ofer, Vice President
The conventional cybersecurity software, combating pernicious malware, viruses, spyware, worms, have most often been developed from a micro-perspective of detecting and eliminating security breaches on the inside. The software employs pattern matching technique to detect and eliminate only those threats that match with the database constituted of known patterns of viruses or malware. Thus, fail to tackle a number of unidentified threats in the IT systems. As the cases of advanced persistent threats (APTs) posing serious difficulties for identification increases, Reveelium, a leading provider of IT security services has come to offer a behavioral analytics-based solution to cybersecurity.

Developed along the lines of machine learning and big data analytics, Reveelium successfully detects APTs, viruses, deviant behaviors, loss of confidential data and prevents the saturation of computer resources. Reveelium, with its automated predictive analysis capabilities, detects security breaches before they act, reduces the search time for incident traces, and facilitates instant threat analysis. In addition, the security engine also acts as impeccable compliance solution by providing automated identification of compliance defaults, facilitates continuous monitoring, and allows incident management. “Our solution is based on intelligent algorithms that are able to understand the behavior of information systems and detect the slip factors in the underlying behavior,” states David Ofer, Vice President, Reveelium.

Reveelium is driven by three intricate and complimentary engines. The weak signal detection engine that helps in incisive detection of weak signals and anomalies. Business correlation engine, that programmatically aggregates, normalizes and analyzes the event log data, to understand its nature and alert the system administrators in case of a problem. Lastly, global knowledge base, the memory of Reveelium, which identifies and collects the behaviors of all the Reveelium systems implemented by the customers, in order to make each of them benefit from the experience of others.

Our solution is based on intelligent algorithms that are able to understand the behavior of information systems and detect the slip factors in the underlying behavior

The deployment of Reveelium is based on at-most flexibility. It can just be plugged into the system where the log files are placed, hitherto, making its delivery adaptive and configurable without any dependence on a software vendor or computer structure. Once installed, Reveelium makes an initial analysis and alerts straightaway anything which mismatches. Followed by, Reveelium taking two to three weeks to make a complete understanding of how the system works and does a predictive analysis to detect anomalies in the system. Reveelium's identification of viruses, malware or any other threats is brought into notice through continuous ringing alerts.

A case to illustrate Reveelium’s potency is its ability to help one of Reveelium’s customers in detecting the pernicious ransomware cryptoworm, Wannacry. While the rest of the world spoke about Wannacry after the occurrence of an attack, Reveelium was the only solution that was able to detect Wannacry 24 hours before the point of attack and prevented the ransomware from infecting the entire organization.

The company’s other important offerings include Ikare, a full-fledged vulnerability management tool. Reveelium Dashboards, offering automated and personalized feedback of field information in real-time, allowing the users to cross check the assets, vulnerabilities, and threats that their systems encounter. Diagnostic Case, constitutive of a suite of industrialized tests and security protocols, helping IT firms validate the security of their applications before they go into production.

Moving ahead, Reveelium looks forward to expanding its expertise in machine learning-based solutions from cybersecurity to other areas such as effective cost management of health institutions, and understanding the behavior of aerial vehicles such as planes, drones, and more. Reveelium is also eyeing towards geographical expansion.