Top 10 Vulnerability Management Solution Companies - 2018

Nteligen: Secure Conduit for Data Transfer

Rob Wissmann, Lead Architect and Joe Karolchik, President, NteligenRob Wissmann, Lead Architect and Joe Karolchik, President
In the enterprise world, the security of a network is only as strong as its weakest link; and even a slightest vulnerability can trigger an avalanche of threats which may result in data loss. With data breaches and attacks at its all-time high, organizations are incessantly looking for competent vulnerability management firms that can provide robust protection against cyberattacks. A software engineering company, Nteligen, is playing a key role in curtailing the vulnerability and protecting data by providing high-value solutions for data security, data distribution, and workflow protection. Focusing on the two endpoints, sender and receiver, Nteligen secures data transfer across mobile devices, email, or any other channel in a client’s business environment. “Having a unique approach and expertise to tackle unauthorized access, malware, and inadvertent sharing of data, we provide clients a safe channel through which they can share complex file data securely”, says Joe Karolchik, President of Nteligen.

Backed by the in-depth knowledge of the threats lurking in file data transfer, Nteligen designs data filters to address critical security flaws irrespective of IT architecture. These data filters are designed according to client’s internal security policy and are aimed to inspect, sanitize, and verify complex data types. As an added value, Nteligen supports customers in identifying the policy suitable to the data that is being transferred. “We are constantly exploring the channels to provide robust protection without disrupting the workflow,” says Karolchik. Nteligen has also created an orchestration engine for deep content inspection. The engine decomposes multi-format archive data types into basic elements for inspection and sanitization.

Nteligen understands that different industries have distinct data security needs, given the varying operating environments and business models.

Having a unique approach and expertise to tackle unauthorized access, malware, and inadvertent sharing of data, we provide clients a safe channel through which they can share complex file data securely

For instance, a healthcare enterprise is focused on HIPAA standards, while military customers have their own set of regulatory requirements for data protection. From the outset, Nteligen has employed a customer-driven strategy that allows them to build custom solutions for clients— be it the military, government, or other commercial organizations. They take pride in having supported soldiers in combat by securing their communications.

Nteligen’s unique protection approach has been proven effective against zero-day attacks through extensive testing against files containing known malware. Scanning data through third-party partner products, Nteligen summarizes the general features, derives details, and removes obvious threats. The data is then checked internally through their proprietary process to eliminate complex threats, malware, and zero-day attacks. Following this, the data is sent through a final validation step before being sent on its way. “In addition, we work with clients to keep their systems updated regularly with latest software and make sure they implement security best practices,” says Rob Wissmann, a Lead Architect for Nteligen.

Nteligen is looking to expand by partnering with best of breed software companies. They are also looking to add greater flexibility to their products that will help in improving the integration with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and other organizations. Further, the company is also focusing on providing better safety and security for data stored in PC at homes and offices. “We aim to find new integration points and making the inspection and sanitization process as frictionless as possible for the end users”, concludes Karolchik.