Top 10 Vulnerability Management Solution Companies - 2017

Provensec: Vulnerability Management Platform Built in the Cloud

In a world where computer technology and software applications are ubiquitous, vulnerability management, and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) adherence are among the prime concerns and a ‘must follow’ parameter for any businesses, seeking a safe environment to operate. However, Russell Poffenroth, VP for Sales and Marketing at Provensec says, “CIO’s and CISO’s are constantly distracted with the so-called silver bullet solutions to tackle same old repackaged cyber threats that may not be efficient in tackling the security roadblocks that surface in a dynamic enterprise software solutions space.” This leads to inefficient use of resources and increased difficulties in solving epic vulnerability and GRC issues cost effectively. To overcome these challenges, Provensec offers plug-and-play solutions for a broad set of security problems covering Vulnerability Management, 24/7 Security Monitoring and GRC. “Our team brings together diverse yet specific experience in consuming, developing and deploying enterprise class IT security services and solutions, with scalability and cost benefits, across financial, telecom and IT sectors,” he adds.

Cloudpro-X, a flagship product from Provensec is designed to offer flawless execution of security solutions in a single platform. The full-scale cloud security suite automates an array of security management workflows including vulnerability scanning, uptime monitoring, malware scanning, web application firewall and cyber threat intelligence. “To further amplify our solution, we recently integrated penetration testing as a service to the software framework, that enables our clients to continuously augment the benefits of manual and automated security testing from the same platform,” adjoins Poffenroth. This offering helps DevOps teams in discovering security vulnerabilities early in software development lifecycles and fix the errors and get the software retested without any overhead.

Over and above, the firm’s state of the art cloud-based GRC tool with ISO 27001 standard, helps mid to large sized enterprises to seamlessly implement Information Security Management System (ISMS) and also meeting compliance requirements such as PCI DSS and HIPAA. “Our GRC offerings further strengthens our positioning in Vulnerability Management and GRC space, helping enterprises improve their overall cybersecurity ecosystem in a measurable way,” explains Poffenroth.
To draw a vivid picture of Provensec as a trusted cyber security partner, Poffenroth recalls the success story of Infosend and how they achieved their security and compliance requirements. As a payment service provider with client bases spread across Government, Utilities, Health and Financial sector, Infosend had to process sensitive card holder data. In search of a security testing company for strategic advice on in-house web application software, they approached Provensec. The firm conducted comprehensive analysis of their web application and underlying infrastructure to report crucial findings which helped the payment company fix identified vulnerabilities before a possible hacking or data breach could occur.

Our GRC offerings further strengthens our positioning in Vulnerability Management space and helps enterprises improve their overall cybersecurity ecosystem in a measurable way

Over the past years, Provensec as a first generation cloud security company is covering the breadth and depth of their client’s cyber security needs. This is evident from the 500+ PCI DSS and web penetration tests conducted, 150 + SaaS solutions monitored daily, and over 150 organizations relying on their ISO 27001 compliance expertise. “Our clients are spread across 3 continents and 8 countries which prove our capabilities to compete globally,” extols Poffenroth. “Driving the success for us is our constant pursuit of thought-provoking innovations in cloud based solutions that solve complex security problems in a simple way while delivering measurable ROI for our clients,” Poffenroth concludes.