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Top 10 Vulnerability Management Solution Companies - 2017

Defenceless new technologies such as IoT and increased cybercrime activities have led to more damaging infringements. The subsequent legal and regulatory checks have shown the weaknesses of this classic approach. That raises the question of traditional vulnerability management constraints and how a new, risk-centered way can be taken off exposing imminent threats and reducing risk more effectively throughout the expanding attack surface. Here is where vulnerability management solution providers find their market opportunities.

Software vulnerabilities are one of the major causes of cyber attacks in the business world today. The unknown or unpatched software securities holes provide a way for cybercriminals to remotely access information that can be used for financial gains or brings down the business operations. The companies need to identify potential security issues, vulnerabilities, and deviations from security best practices before they become the victims of the cyber attack. Furthermore, a multitude of information security compliance, audit, and risk management frameworks are also driving them to build an effective security infrastructure. This is where vulnerability management solutions find their niche.

As organizations look forward to implementing vulnerability management tools, the sheer number of security solutions available in the market may hinder them from zeroing on the right solution. There is a multitude of providers offering enterprise-class solutions featuring policy management, application scanning/ testing, vulnerability remediation, network and vulnerability monitoring, and reporting.

To help organizations select the best vendors that offer the most promising solutions, Enterprise Security Magazine presents the “Top 10 Vulnerability Management Solution Providers 2017.”

A distinguished panel of prominent CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts, along with the Enterprise Security Magazine’s editorial board has assessed hundreds of vulnerability management solution providers and shortlisted the ones that are at the forefront of providing cutting-edge technology solutions. The listing provides a look into how the solutions in this domain are put into use so that you can gain a comprehensive understanding of how they will optimize business processes.

We present to you Top 10 Vulnerability Management Solution Providers 2017. 

    Top Vulnerability Management Solution Companies

  • Accend Networks is one of the leading vulnerability management solution providers offering small, medium-sized, and large enterprises, including SLED clients, consulting services. It has a focus on network security, network design, implementation and support for data, wireless and voice networks. They assist their clients in their network security projects, such as network evaluation, government audits, penetration testing, firewalls, and VPN solutions. Accend Networks support existing, expanding and new networks in their development, implementation, and support. In documenting and providing the necessary knowledge transfer and training of products and services, the company supports its clients in all phases of an information technologies project and makes them a new IT company within the short term.


  • Alias Forensics is a private cyber security company with its headquarters in Oklahoma City specializing in detection, investigation, response to and preventing incidents involving data breaches. The company, a promising vulnerability management solution provider, works regularly with IT & PCI audit, penetration tests, social engineering, IDS or IPS and SIEM Solution companies throughout the U.S. Alias Forensics also provides corporate security training and incident response classes for information security investigations or infringements leakage. It has deeply rooted in the state of Oklahoma and was founded in 2010. They contribute to the development of ISI in this area and provide reliable, transparent, and misunderstood topics.


  • Cyber Business Analytics is a pioneer of the vulnerability management solution provider. Intuitus is an advanced managed gateway surveillance solution by the company. The customized installation of Intuitus monitors the network of customers and continues to adapt to their unique patterns of traffic. The unique intelligence engine with its signature and behavioral anomalies identifies threats that are quickly investigated in the individual packet levels by the company’s cyber defense analysts. Over a decade of experience, Cyber Business Analytics has developed cybersecurity solutions for the private sector and the defense department. Veterans who were trained by their military forces to use cutting-edge technology to protect the country from hackers are many experts in the enterprise.


  • Cyber Threat Be Gone (CTBG) is a managed security service provider with a focus on industrial control systems and pre-incident vulnerability management. Since the beginning, the company has captured an uninformed, frightened, and willing enterprise market by offering a vulnerability evaluation program unlike any other firm in the market. The products of CTBG include managed security services, a 24/7 Safety Operations Center (SOC), or professional solutions to increase existing security staff. CTBG believes that genuinely protective defense deployment is linked to a unique understanding the way its clients operate. The vulnerability management program by the firm circumvents IT or CIO employees and helps top management to understand and translate technical risks into business requirements.


  • Fortem Technologies, a vulnerability management solution provider, is an innovative leader in AI sensitivity and intelligence that provides solutions for intrusion in real-time detection and prevention. Fortem offers a commercially available military-tested platform to detect, classify and secure drones, UAV's and other aircraft. Fortem's newest product defines modern air defense. Some of the technology has been developed and hardened in US Defense Department applications over several years and is now commercially available. The core technology includes secure data collection and service, machine learning, advanced algorithms, and radar guidance, aerospace design, and customers' open control and command platforms for detecting, tracking, classifying, and mitigating unwanted drones.


  • Palindrome is a leading provider of Vulnerability Management, applications, and assurance services. They have a computer, software, cloud, and embedded systems expertise in applied information security research, and analysis laboratories. The firm focuses on computer technologies of the next generation, such as LTE, 5G, embedded UICC, and the Internet of things, blockchains, data mobility, software-determined infrastructure, and autonomous computation. Palindrome is recognized as a Trusted Partner for the highest-end information security solutions and services thanks to its performance and its commitment to deliver effective vulnerability management solutions. They include mobile network operators, product providers, financial institutions, health service providers, educational institutions, pharmaceutical institutions, utilities, insurance companies, and public organizations.


  • Provensec, a well-known vulnerability management solution provider, has become a leader in the safety and vulnerability assessment market. The security market in the enterprise traditionally focuses on alleviating elements of fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Provensec places its security products and services in terms of opportunities, predictability, and measurable return on investments in information security. Never was the cyber threat so organized and scalable. The complexity and ease of implementation of new attack vectors are a new reality that companies worldwide face. Provensec teams are committed to making safety an easy plug into organizations and businesses to create value for their customers. Every product or service Provensec offers ensures that their customers' businesses benefit from a proven, predictable, and measurable added value. The company's provocative and innovative safety approach aims to redefine the state of propelling commercial security practices in the industry and to challenge them in many ways.


  • R&K Cyber Solutions LLC provides critical results for federal agencies and businesses through the use of agile cybersecurity technology and world-class expertise. As an industry leader among the best vulnerability management solution providers, they provide solutions such as Malware Remediation, Assessment, & Prevention, Cybersecurity & Incident Response, Applications Development & Integration, Agile Research, and Insider Threat Assessment. As long as cyber threats exist, R&K Cyber Solutions will help its customers meet their challenges in the internet security world. They provide the best cybersecurity products for customers, supported by the most appropriate cybersecurity processes and implemented by the best cybersecurity personnel. It seeks to develop a Fortune 500 Company that develops and implements advanced innovations and processes of cyber security for federal and business applications.


  • SpyderSec is a provider of information security advisory services or vulnerability management solution; offers innovative solutions in penetration testing and security. the company operates today to ensure the safety of their customers and that attackers find it difficult to compromise. They, therefore, provide information security services and solutions of the highest quality on the cybersecurity market. The organization aims to fulfill the expectations set and to build on the perfect solutions that they offer lasting relationships with clients. SpyderSec's concept began with a vision that provides security of information and realizes that cybersecurity is an unavoidable need for any organizations in the current world. This passion helped many organizations that wanted to achieve their safety objectives. Today SpyderSec offers enterprises across the Internet security market penetrating tests and innovative information security solutions.


  • World Informatix CyberSecurity has earned confidence in the provision of confidential and comprehensive cybersecurity services from worldwide clients, including governments and multinational organizations. As a cybersecurity firm, they offer comprehensive cybersecurity services, with a focus on confidentiality, and efficiency, to protect against advanced, constantly evolving cyber threats that arose in the 21st century. World Cyber Security operations cover five continents and dozens of satisfied clients such as the UN, Central Banks, the government and global corporations. WICS was engaged in responding to the largest cyber-crime in history by the Bangladesh Central Bank in 2016 for an emergency response.