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Top 10 Vulnerability Management Solution Companies - 2019

In today’s extensively digitized business realms, vulnerability management is one of the core concerns of companies considering the growing threats in the cyber and physical space. Unfortunately, the entire workflow of the organizations, which had been digitized for competence, is vulnerable to several threats from black-hats. Therefore, it is the necessity of time to have a set of advanced measures to address the concerns of entities vulnerable to cyber and other physical attacks, as these vulnerabilities will adversely affect the ROI. The role of the Vulnerability Management Solution Providers in the Enterprise Security space gains significance in this context.

Considering the sine qua non to eliminate the menace in the business landscape, key players in the market are on a drive to enhance vulnerability assessment and management methods. While legacy methods had proved inefficient to tackle the issues associated with the cyber and physical attacks on the enterprises there is a need for innovative and industry’s best methods to assess and then eliminate these threats. As the bottom line of the enterprises are impacted by these vulnerabilities, designing the right management method would be one of the challenges faced by the solution providers. On top of that, the dynamic requirements of clients in the market demands customized solutions. Therefore, the companies that offer Vulnerability Management solutions have to tailor their solution to well align with the changing needs of the market.

The solution providers are also trying to empower their solutions with several advanced technologies to address the needs of their clients with utmost accuracy. The potential of AI and machine learning is leveraged for aggrandized results of the vulnerability management solutions. Additionally, multi factor authentication and other end user based security measures can also be incorporated with the solutions of the Vulnerability Management providing companies for better results. Cost efficiency and efficaciousness of the solution is necessary to address the growing threats in the enterprise landscape conveniently. Several verticals of vulnerability management with specific value proposition are in the market for end-to-end protection of enterprises from such minute unnoticed danger.

As vulnerability scanning should happen on a frequent basis, the solutions should be moulded to carry out tests at regular intervals with desired efficiency. The frequency at which vulnerability scans and tests are performed is determined by the organization’s risk appetite and any applicable regulatory requirements. Extended intervals of such scans say once annually puts companies at risk of not uncovering new vulnerabilities for an extended time period. An attacker can easily compromise a network within this period of limbo. Therefore, the Vulnerability Management solution providers are up with several designs that would wipe of all these disappointments and concerns of the business realm.

To help business providers in selecting promising vulnerability management solutions, a distinguished panel of prominent marketing specialists and analysts, along with Enterprise Security Magazine editorial board has assessed and shortlisted the companies offering pioneering technology solutions in the vulnerability management industry. This listing gives a comprehensive understanding of solutions that can be implemented to optimize your business process.

“We present to you, our Top 10 Vulnerability Management Solution Providers - 2019”.

    Top Vulnerability Management Solution Companies

  • Offers cutting-edge threat intelligence services for organizations, that effectively detects the anomaly parameters and generates 24/7 actionable incident report to mitigate security gaps


  • Offers a SaaS-based platform that combines the benefits of human augmented and AI-powered automated scanning technologies to find and fix a cyber breach before it happens


  • Offers an application security solution to facilitate developers and security professionals to make their software as secure as possible


  • Delivers unique patented technology that enables security professionals to precisely identify the hidden vulnerability patterns


  • Delivers a unique service combining full-stack vulnerability management, asset profiling, alerting, and risk metrics


  • Balbix


    The company’s novel platform leverages specialized artificial intelligence (AI) to provide comprehensive and continuous predictive assessment of breach risk in the cyber world

  • Brinqa


    Brinqa is a leading provider of cyber risk management, allowing stakeholders, governance organizations, and infrastructure and security teams to effectively manage technology risk at the speed of business

  • Rapid7


    The company through its security platform, aims at creating a secure future for all enterprises

  • RedSeal


    RedSeal enables enterprise networks to be resilient to cyber events through network modeling and risk scoring platform

  • TripWire


    Tripwire is a pioneer in providing security, compliance and IT operations solutions for enterprises, industrial organizations, service providers and government agencies