Silent Breach: A proven roadmap for proactive security

Daniel Rhodes, Project Manager, Silent Breach

Daniel Rhodes, Project Manager, Silent Breach

Implementing an organizational cybersecurity program can be costly and confusing. At Silent Breach, we help our clients understand the emerging cybersecurity landscape and discover innovative solutions to support their long-term business initiatives. By transitioning away from a project-by-project approach, our clients are able to plan for success, reduce their spend, and develop an airtight security program.

Attack Surface Management

Recent estimates indicate that attack surfaces have ballooned more than 75% over the last decade. As network endpoints, digital dependencies, and cloud solutions are constantly growing, many companies find it difficult to track their attack surface, making it far easier for a malicious or accidental security breach to occur.

This is why Silent Breach has invested heavily in Attack Surface Management, developing our in-house ASM platform, Quantum Armor. An organization’s ability to track, analyze, and reduce their digital perimeter will be the defining security trend over the next decade.

Accordingly, we offer Quantum Armor at a highly competitive rate, making it as easy as possible for all our clients to implement ASM as the first step to security excellence.

Quantum Armor provides real-time network monitoring, cloud auditing, and threat intelligence. Utilizing a range of proprietary algorithms, Quantum Armor manages agentless port monitoring, configuration changes, log parsing, attack surface fluctuations, mitigation planning, emerging threats and much more.

Targeted Stress Tests

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Our security experts work hand-in-hand with your team to develop a customized series of penetration tests, code reviews, and configuration audits. Every Silent Breach test includes a strategic roadmap, mitigation guidance, and complimentary follow-up test.

  • Silent Breach helps clients understand the emerging cybersecurity landscape and discover innovative solutions to support their long-term business initiatives

Our team specializes in web application and network testing, social engineering, Dark Web assessments, cloud audits, and source code reviews. In addition, we are a leading provider of NFT Smart Contract audits.

Rapid Response

Incident Response services help organizations secure their networks by constantly monitoring network systems for malicious activity. Silent Breach's 24/7/365 managed IR services are designed to effectively respond to today's evolving threats before they impact your business. Our analysts implement a proven IR Life Cycle to enable your organization to detect and respond quickly and effectively to a wide range of cyber threats.

Furthermore, we guide our clients in performing risk assessments, business continuity planning, and a suite of response plans.

Trusted and Adopted

Silent Breach maintains offices in the US, France, and Singapore, along with a Security Operating Center in India.

Silent Breach consistently ranks among the best cyber security companies in the industry. Through our global partnerships, we work closely with US Department of Homeland Security and NATO as well as leading tech firms such as Microsoft, Facebook, Oracle, Hitachi, Dell, and many more.

Our experts continue to compete in international cybersecurity competitions and regularly partake in Bug Bounty programs. To date, they have identified confirmed bugs for the Department of Defense, Apple, AT&T, Wikipedia, and Intel, among others.